Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Golf Season Finally Begins!

My home club has been open for almost three weeks but various things worked against me playing my first round, most notably cold and wet weather.

I was planning on getting my first round in on Saturday morning but woke to temperatures around freezing and light snow. I could only laugh.

Thankfully, the sun finally peaked out on Sunday and despite cool temperatures around 6 degrees on the Celsius scale, I finally made it out for my first round of 2013!

After six months of hibernation, a rusty game was to be expected and I got it in spades. My putting was especially atrocious, as I had 20 putts on the front nine alone and only a single one-putt on the entire day in a round of 83. I wasn't hitting it very far in the cold weather but I did hit nine greens in regulation so I guess I'll call my ball striking "okay" for the first time out. My 37 putts overall were a score-killer but I'm not overly worried, as it's usually a strength of my game.

Score aside, it was wonderful getting back out. I was smiling ear to ear and even high-fiving my buddies on the practice green prior to heading out. One of my friends even made an ace, his first hole-in-one! Not a bad way to start the season!

It was great seeing everyone again and I'm looking forward to a great year of golf.

I'm finishing up my Muirfield Village course profile and should have it online by early next week at the latest. Thanks for reading!


  1. This is late but still, welcome back! Six months is a long time, and I know how you missed your buddies and the game itself. Good luck on your games. :-)

  2. The weather is always a factor in playing. Can't have it too cold or windy lest you want any deterrents to your swing and the ball's flight. And the first few games after a long hiatus is always laughable, but nothing can take away the happiness of being back on the green.