Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Fresh Coat of Paint

"Everything looks somehow ... different. Have I been drinking? Or do I just need a good night's sleep?"
- English Dave

No need to be alarmed, my loyal readers! Blogger has finally come out with some fresh new design templates and I figured this was a good time to start experimenting a bit with the look of the site.

The background picture is brand spanking new - a view from a dune overlooking the gorgeous 17th and 18th holes at Sand Hills GC in Mullen, Nebraska. My legs got carved up pretty good making the climb up that hill to take this photograph but it was most definitely worth the effort!

I like the look with the translucent background but I noticed Jeff Dawson at DawsonGolf is using the same template so I may switch up the colour scheme a bit to differentiate the look here.

Comments and thoughts, as always, are welcome.

My writeup of Hamilton G&CC will be coming tonight or tomorrow and will be followed by extensive writeups and pictorials of both Ballyneal Golf and Hunt Club and Sand Hills GC.


  1. I think that no one is going to comment on the layout of your blog.

    Just trying to throw you a bone here. Don't think you got the reaction you were looking for with the whole "comments and suggestions" line.

  2. Thank you so much for commenting Harry. What would I do without you?