Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Nothing to See Here

I have now gone through my longest stretch of 2009 without golf since the actual season started - 22 days - and it's looking like I'm done for the year.

The weather hasn't been that bad, to be honest, but a very busy month off the course (wife birthday, son's birthday, wedding anniversary, work) has meant many parties, lots of money spent on the family and little time for golf.

Our course was aerated after Canadian Thanksgiving and the greens still are in rough shape three weeks later so there hasn't been an awful lot of incentive to get out there anyway.

I might start playing a bit more poker online in November. I've played very little over the past three months, much to Cal's chagrin, but anticipate having a bit more time in the evenings to play and make some more money.

I still have a few course writeups to do when I get the chance as well and will eventually recap my pathetic year on the course (scoring-wise) sometime in early December. Who knows...maybe I still have one round of golf left in me too!

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