Friday, April 04, 2008

The Pins are In! Well, Sort Of...

We've had a nice stretch of sunny and windy weather and I received word earlier today that the pins will be going in today...

On the practice facility.


Still, it's progress! If all goes well with the weather, the club is expected to open the actual golf course next Friday the 11th, just in time for Masters weekend!

Hopefully, I can get Harry and Toast out to our now traditional Saturday morning breakfast and we can follow it up with a little chipping and bunker work in the short game area.

It may be the only time all year that I practice, so it's a big moment! ;)


  1. See ya for breakfast, won't be practicing.

  2. Also, you do realize that this is all your fault for opening your big mouth a few weeks ago when we got lucky with one good day of weather.

  3. I was waiting for that comment about the weather Harris! ;)