Thursday, March 13, 2008

Burnt Toast?

Indeed, it's that time of year once again!

My buddy Toast is celebrating his 14th birthday today. He will spend his big day downing copious amounts of Diet Coke while four-tabling Full Tilt, all the while trying to tell his two good friends (and the only regulars on his blog) that he's "working".

I'm still upset that my invitation to his bar mitzvah last year got lost in the mail.

Check out my
ode to the Toastman one year ago today to see me at the peak of my creative powers.

Mozel tov on the birthday! Is that an appropriate saying for the occasion? I'm just an ignorant, non-practicing Catholic so I'm not sure! Aleikhem Shalom!


  1. Love the post.

    I got invited to the Bar Mitzvah last year. It was a wonderful time. Very nice to see Toast grow up right in front of me. I think i even got him with a piece of candy in the eye.

  2. Thanks boys. FYI I'm all healed up from getting my pecker nipped from last year's event -- better late than never.