Saturday, October 21, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me?? Ummm, No.

Harry and Toast somehow got the impression that it was my birthday yesterday and wrote lovely tributes to me on each of their blogs.

Check out the hilarity at
Sports, Entertainment and Smack and Golf + Poker.

They will have to repeat the tribute on my actual birthday in April next year.

In other news, I officially have one week of single life left. Jacky and I are getting hitched next Saturday in Niagara-on-the-Lake. I'm still not too nervous but I'm sure that the nerves will kick in on Thursday when I'm off from work and have nothing else to think about.

I have one more golf game left in me this year at home, as the weather is starting to turn on us. So tomorrow is likely it for this guy. I'll play in Hawaii on my honeymoon at least once as well.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Just been busy getting my
Sabres blog up and running and obviously busy with the wedding plans. I'll be back soon...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Golf Season is Winding Down

What a depressing day weather-wise in Southern Ontario.

Here it is, October 12th - three days removed from an absolutely gorgeous holiday weekend where the temperatures hovered around 20 degrees (65+ fahrenheit)...

We got hit with snow today.

Now there are two reasons for being a bit down about this turn of events. First of all, I can't remember it ever snowing earlier than this. Not too big a deal, as the snow didn't stick and the temperatures will stay above freezing over the next few days.

But the second reason for being upset is because I have a wedding coming up in 16 days (yes I'm counting) and this is NOT the weather I need!!

Oh well. I'm sure everything will be fine regardless.

I was able to play all three days this past weekend in my 'last hurrah' of 2006. Needless to say, the rounds were no different than any other this year - mediocre.

The club had its closing day tournament on Saturday, which I passed on in favour of a last round at East Aurora CC in 2006. This was my third trip to EACC and it gets better every time. Harris, his buddy Preston and our good buddy Toast all ventured over the border for the round and the course was in phenomenal shape, as usual.

I hit the ball really well on Saturday and turned in a 'Computer 76', my personal best at East Aurora. The computer 76 was necessary, as we could only get in 16 holes due to a commitment I had later that night with my priest for the wedding. The 17th hole was the 3rd handicap hole so I had to take a bogey there and a par on 18 gave me the 76. I hit 10 of 13 fairways on the day, which is awesome for me but my putting held me back a bit.

Sunday and Monday were pretty uneventful, as per usual at St. Catharines. The course has never been in better condition. Dennis, our superintendent, has been masterful since taking over for his father at our club and deserves every penny he makes. It's truly a treat to play St. Catharines these days.

I shot 78 both Sunday and Monday, a score that's becoming almost customary for me. I won't's just been frustrating that my best golf of the year was played in May. I just haven't been able to find the key to scoring well this year after having a breakthrough year in 2005. Everyone says it's the wedding plans that are keeping my mind off the game...maybe, but it's not exactly like I was a big practice-guy before I met Jacky.

Right, Harry?

Nevertheless, it looks as if par is safe this year. Not a good year for yours truly from a scoring perspective but the year did have it's moments, especially my Niagara Cup play.

I'm only playing on Sunday this week and likely will do the same the next week, which means two more rounds of golf before I get married. I'll play either once or twice in Hawaii so I've got four rounds of golf left for the year.

I've certainly had a lot of opportunities for a guy who's had to help plan a wedding, so no complaints.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bleeding Blue and Gold

Like I have enough time for this...

I've lately been contemplating doing a new blog specifically on the NHL's Buffalo Sabres, my favourite sports team.

I finally bit the bullet and started working on it on Monday and just now released the blog for public viewing.

You can check it out

And to my regulars...don't worry! You can still expect my one post per week average to be maintained! ;)