Monday, September 25, 2006

St. Catharines Blows it Again

I really thought this was going to be our year at St. Catharines G&CC in the annual Niagara Cup competition.

We stormed through the preliminary round in spectacular fashion, culminating in the singles event at home where every team member won their match. Just dominating.

The finals were held at Beechwood G&CC and the course has seen better days. The fairways were filled with standing water, necessitating lift, clean and place in the short grass and the greens were so butchered that they resembled mine fields. Just awful.

We were competing against the following five clubs, who all won their respective preliminary's like us: Niagara Falls Country Club (Lewiston, NY, USA), Sparrow Lakes GC (Pelham, ON), Rolling Meadows GC (Niagara Falls, ON), Hunters Pointe GC (Welland, ON) and Lookout Point G&CC (Fonthill, ON).

I was the last player to tee off from St. Catharines and drew Frank from Lookout as my opponent. Frank is a very fine player who plays on the Niagara Men's Tour as well.

I'll give you the Toast encapsulated version of the match:

Hole 1 (Par 4): Frank gets up and down for par; I get up and down for par All Square
Hole 2 (Par 3): Frank misses the green and makes bogey; I hit six-iron to five feet, miss but make par Matt 1up
Hole 3 (Par 5): Frank hits his second and fourth shots OB and concedes my birdie putt Matt 2up
Hole 4 (Par 4): Frank makes a great up and down for par; I make a two-putt par Matt 2up
Hole 5 (Par 4): Frank and I both make two-putt pars Matt 2up
Hole 6 (Par 4): Frank and I again make routine two-putt pars Matt 2up
Hole 7 (Par 4): Frank slices his drive OB and makes double; I three-putt for my first bogey on the day Matt 3up
Hole 8 (Par 5): I get into trouble off the tee and hit my third into the water; I concede Frank's par when I'm putting for bogey Matt 2up
Hole 9 (Par 3): Frank hits short left and makes a 15 footer for par; I hit a perfect 2-iron rescue to 15 feet and two putt for par Matt 2up

I got the point for the front nine and had the two-up lead overall but I felt momentum was slipping. My tee shot on ten didn't help matters nor did the weather, which took a real turn for the worse. Rain was coming down sideways and the temperature had dropped to about 12 degrees.

Hole 10 (Par 4): Frank makes a routine two-putt par; I hit a perfect drive that catches a hydro wire that crosses the fairway and the ball drops straight down - I have to reload (local rule) and duckhook it left into the rough. I compose myself, hit it on and two-putt for par Matt 2up Overall; All Square Back Nine
Hole 11 (Par 3): Frank and I both hit way left; he taps in for bogey while I end up making a seven footer for bogey Matt 2up Overall; All Square Back Nine
Hole 12 (Par 5): Frank makes a two-putt par; I three-putt for bogey Matt 1up Overall; Frank 1up Back Nine
Hole 13 (Par 3): Frank misses the green long and can't get up and down; I two-putt for par Matt 2up Overall; All Square Back Nine
Hole 14 (Par 5): Frank makes a two-putt par; I almost hole out for eagle, settling for a easy birdie Matt 3up Overall; Matt 1up Back Nine
Hole 15 (Par 5): Frank goes long on his third and makes bogey; I get into trouble on my second shot, go long on the third and can't get up and down either Matt 3up Overall; Matt 1up Back Nine
Hole 16 (Par 4): Frank goes right off the tee, chips out and makes a two putt bogey; I come up short on my approach and can't get up and down either Matt Wins 3&2 Overall; Matt 1up Back Nine
Hole 17 (Par 3): Frank and I both make two-putt pars Matt 1up Back Nine
Hole 18 (Par 4): Frank hits into the water on his second and concedes my par putt Matt Wins 2up on Back Nine

So I got all three points available in my match but unfortunately the rest of the team wasn't as fortunate on this day. We got shutout in two matches and a 1/2 point in another and ended the day with only 10.5 points, which put us in fifth out of the six teams in the finals. Niagara Falls CC won for the second year in a row, taking a one-hole playoff with Rolling Meadows.

I had an excellent Niagara Cup year, going a perfect 4-0-0 in my matches and taking 10.5 out of a possible 12 points in the process. But it's meaningless in defeat. One of these years we're going to win this thing!!!

Oh yeah. Marriage preparation classes on Friday and Saturday went pretty well. It was certainly worth the $50.00 investment.

And to those comics Harry and Toast, who've been riding me on their blogs (Golf + Poker and Sports, Entertainment & Smack respectively). Keep teasing me all you want about marriage and the whole "hope Jacky lets you out next weekend thing". Remember this...

I played just as many times this weekend as you Toast and one more time than Harry's zero. And it maybe doesn't say anything but I guarantee that my married ass still got 'permission' to play more rounds of golf this year (55) then you poker loving, Boss-smoking, hip-hop clothes wearing, Mazel Tov spouting, Rosh Hashanah celebrating delinquents!

Take that! :) Whoo!


  1. Well done again Matt. You must have picked up some humour at the marriage classes cause your on fire today.

  2. Nice job on your matches.

    Well Matt, on the whole marriage thing, you haven't signed on the dotted line yet! Is anyone taking bets on 55 rounds before (including?) the Niagra Cup for next year?


  3. I'm impressed, he actually had a comeback for once.

    "Linens won't shop for themselves, Matt" is what I expect you'll be hearing Saturday mornings next year.