Thursday, August 31, 2006

The New Pad - Part One

Here are a few pictures of my new place. We'll start with the outside today and maybe I'll post a few shots of the inside tomorrow.

The first picture is obviously from the front of the house. It's a two-story 'Salt Box' design with a cedar shake roof. Nice birch tree in front but I will continually have to trim the sucker so it doesn't rub up against the siding. It's a pretty wide property at the front (74' wide) and the landscaping is excellent throughout.

Here's a shot from the side of the house looking in the back. There's a nice herb garden right in front and the backyard has a great looking red maple tree that provides a bit of extra privacy. We also have a bolted down gazebo on the lower section of the patio.

This is a picture taken from the backyard back toward the house. The sloping roof is a 'Salt Box' trademark and you can see that the skylights (we have four in total) prove the house with a lot of natural light. You can also take note of the privacy fence on the left which is there for...

The hot tub! It's an eight-seater and will likely provide a lot of therapy after a particularly brutal day at work or on the course! The previous owners really pimped everything up too, putting speaker wire right by the tub and patio so we can have music pumping outside while entertaining our guests. They even installed lights in the stone surrounding the tub and along the sides of the patio that are on an automatic timer in the evening. It absolutely looks great back there at night!

I'll be back with pictures of the inside next.


  1. It looks great Matt. But don't you think you should of asked Jacky first before posting pictures. What if Cal and I find out where is it and come over unannouced sometime?

  2. Haha Matty returns from a hard day at work to find us in his hottub drinking his beer... poor bastard.