Friday, August 11, 2006

Away on Business

There will be no posts from today through Tuesday next week, as I'm heading away on 'business'.

It's in quotations because in reality, there's only about 4 hours of business conducted during the mostly social convention, which is taking place at the Taboo Resort and Lodge in Muskoka. I get to bring Jacky, which is great because I really don't know many of the people who'll be attending.

I'm definitely playing the Ron Garl-designed Taboo while there and I'm also scheduled to play Doug Carrick and Ian Andrew's new course, Muskoka Bay. I'll report back on both tracks when I get back.

I'll also talk a bit about my experience at the newest course in Niagara, John Daly's Thundering Waters Golf Club.

Have a good weekend.

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