Sunday, December 18, 2005

WGO? (What's Goin' On?!)

Happy holidays everyone!!!

It's been a month and a half since updates from yours truly. Why the long absence?

Well, the snow is on the ground, the temperatures are below freezing and the golf clubs are locked away for the season. I guess that's one reason...

Reason number two is the fact that I haven't played a hand of poker in over two months. Strange, really, that I've become disinterested, due to the fact that I was winning quite regularly before losing interest.

I've built my $100 'loan' from Toast into about $400 at Poker Stars but just haven't had any time to play. When I HAVE had time, I've wanted to do other things.

Such as take in every Buffalo Sabres game possible.

The Sabres are on the ride of my lifetime right now in NHL play. They currently sport an INCREDIBLE 22-10-1 record, good for the third-best point total in the NHL right now. Goaltender Marty Biron has won team-record 13 GAMES IN A ROW!!!

Even a big-time fan and eternal optimist as myself couldn't have seen that coming!

All I can say is that I've never had a better time being a fan of the team than I am right now. They are incredibly fun to watch and the girlfriend and I have truly enjoyed going to most of the games this season.

Just great entertainment!

Updates will start coming more frequently now, I swear! I'm in the midst of preparing a workout program to get in the best shape of my life, in preparation for next year's golf season (and just to generally get in better shape!). We're in the finals of the Autumn season of ball hockey, with the final game of the tied series going on Wednesday night.

Will report back soon...