Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Jacky and I had plans of catching a flick at the theatre last night but I had to deal with some ugly issues at work and ended up getting out pretty late. We ended up catching a quick bite at Players Restaurant in St. Catharines and then heading to Blockbuster to rent a DVD.

We picked up the Will Smith, Kevin James and Eva Mendes vehicle Hitch. What a fun, entertaining movie this was! Perfect after a tough day at work.

Smith certainly has come a long way from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Very engaging actor and he was very likable in this movie. Same thing with James; he is great with the 'slapstick' humour but also shined in the quieter moments of the movie. Mendes is just SMOKING HOT! Nuff said there!

The final act was kind of stale, as writers seem to think we always need the whole 'Three's Company' routine of having a major misunderstanding come in the way of a relationship. "We need drama!", they must say.

In the end, everyone lives happily ever after, as they always do in these types of movies. Either way, a really fine romantic comedy. Three out of four stars from this reviewer! Highly recommended!

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