Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Rabid Pandas

Pardon me, you ask? Rabid Pandas?

That is the name of my ball hockey team. We've got a great group of guys on our team and we've pretty much all been playing together since the spring of 2002. We play all year round (14 games per season plus playoffs, with four seasons in a year) in a covered, state-of-the-art outdoor hockey rink here in St. Catharines.

As is the case with most Canadians, I love hockey and this league we play in is a pretty great way to stay in shape and continue with the game we're enamoured with. Unfortunately, we're not playing very well in the spring season - we lost 8-5 last night in a pretty physical affair. I've been slumping pretty badly lately but was able to pot a goal and add an assist in the game last night.

The guys on my team are ticked that I haven't updated our
ball hockey club's website in awhile and are likely even more pissed now that I'm keeping a blog. I'll likely get back to it soon...if we start winning again!

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