Monday, May 02, 2005


Wow. The last two weeks of 24 have completely restored my faith in the show.

Absolutely spellbinding television tonight. David Palmer returns and makes some hard decisions that could have consequences just as damaging as the potential nuclear attacks from the terrorists. Chloe returning to CTU and continuing to bring the comic relief:

Edgar: Chloe, are you alright?
Chloe: I feel nothing. I killed a guy, yet there's nothing there. I hope I'm not a psycho or something.
Edgar: Maybe you're still in shock. Maybe you'll completely freak out when this whole thing is over.
Chloe: Yeah, I sure hope so.

Awesome. And then there's effin' Jack Bauer. The guy breaks into the Chinese Consulate and extracts the only link to the evil Marwan in clinical, coldblooded fashion. He then tops it off by throwing the wounded informant on a gurney in CTU and forces the doctor to abandon surgery on another dying man who not only is his girlfriend's estranged husband, but also the man who saved his life five short hours ago.

And just chomp on this for a second. They can produce all of that drama without a single scene involving Marwan!

What a television show.

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  1. Chloe rocks! Easily this year's standout character. Her character is so smartly written and fleshed out that you can't help but like her.

    Join us next season for -

    Chloe O'Brian: Field Agent

    Also co-starring Chase